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Our Story

ISG Media is a multi-platform, video content publisher dedicated to the localization of international content into local languages.

Leading our brands through social media platforms, digital, video, and payTV television we deliver targeted content to millions of families across India, Africa, Middle east and Europe.

We offer video content, high end movies, international TV series, Bollywood news variety to local audience around the world.

Our Pay TV division operates 19 HD and SD channels 24/7. Bollywood HD is available in 5 countries, in 4 languages. Our Star Times Bollywood HD is available in 50 countries all over Africa, subtitled to 3 languages and dubbed to 8 additional languages.

Our TV channels are available to 20 Million homes around the globe, in 50 countries and in 13 languages.
In Africa our 6 TV channels reaches 8.5 Million homes.
In Israel our channels reaches 1.5 Million homes.
In Russia, Romania and Poland our 6 TV channels reaches 18 Million homes.

Our social platforms Bollywood Facebook has over 150,000 followers



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Managing Director & VP Content
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